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Thanks for that Jim. I agree, it's not a reputable site. And using
AntiSpyware as a user-agent screams out insecurity. If they were a real
company doing real research and they wanted to use a custom UA they'd
surely be touting their name as branding vs trying to convince us
they're really an AS product. :)

Side note: make sure you're using references from
doc.emergingthreats.net to make sure you have any updates. The one you
posted isn't being updated any longer.


James McQuaid wrote:
> Hi Jack,
> McAfee and WOT rate it as dangerous.  It links to sites that reside on
> the same IP which are also rated dangerous.  McAfee classifies the
> available downloadable executables as spyware.
> 2squared.com
> antispywarebot.com
> errorsweeper.com
> privacycontrol.com
> regclean.com
> www.2squared.com
> www.antispywarebot.com
> www.errorsweeper.com
> www.privacycontrol.com
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>> I was trying to research some hits on this rule:
>> http://doc.bleedingthreats.net/bin/view/Main/2007575
>> but I couldn't really be sure if 2 squared was a fake antispyware or
>> not.  Does anybody on the list have a definitive ruling on this?  Are
>> they running a legit anti spyware product?
>> jp
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