[Emerging-Sigs] SnortSam Loss and Re-Creation

Frank Knobbe frank at knobbe.us
Sun Oct 3 16:12:21 EDT 2010


The entity, that hosted the SnortSam mail lists until now, had a mishap
and accidentally deleted the mail lists, including subscriber data.
Unfortunately, no backup exists.

I have re-created the Discussion mail list on my server now. Anyone
still using SnortSam is encouraged to re-subscribe. To do so, simply
email discussion-subscribe at snortsam.net
(snortsam-discussion at snortsam.net, the old address, works as well).

The Announcement mail list has not been re-created since I consider
SnortSam End-Of-Life and there won't be any frequent announcements
anymore. If anything major is changed/added, it will be announced in the
Discussion list.

My apologies for your subscription loss, but this was beyond my control.
Since the list is now hosted again on my server, it will be backed up
again. (Besides, I don't run Mailman/Plesk, so an accidental delete is
highly unlikely :)

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