[Emerging-Sigs] FP on 2011031?

Weir, Jason jason.weir at nhrs.org
Fri Oct 8 10:30:01 EDT 2010

That was my first thought - when I first saw the problem I bounced the
sensor - kept triggering after.

The only thing that changed last night was Matt updated the beta ET Pro
Open ruleset (we need a shorter nickname for that ruleset) about the
same time the rule stopped firing..

I'll blame it on him that way its not unexplained..  


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On 10/08/2010 09:04 AM, Weir, Jason wrote:
> just like magic they stopped triggering sometime last night...

I had an instance of this and restarting my Snorts fixed it.  I know the
feeling you're having, no one likes having unexplainable issues and

- -evilghost


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