[Emerging-Sigs] A request for ELF "Linux/BillGates" DDoS'er ET Signature

Hendrik Adrian 1 at 1rik.com
Sun Sep 21 04:27:46 EDT 2014

Hello Will,

Cc: Matt, ET List

Allow me to request a blocking scheme for the ELF DDoS'er
"Linux/BillGates" as per rapidly spotted in hacked servers and
routers, below is the PoC of the threat:
(these are only data I gained from Sept 19th until now.. there are
many more of these that I did not tweet)

We are in effort to stop the CNC, so far we nuked more than 35 of
their panels, but there are still many more activity spotted according
to some netflow data I received.

The initial communication pattern during the callback is finally can
be captured completely during one specific analysis of a case, which
will be useful for signature building, as per attached picture.
<attached 2 PNG image files>
Hopefully the ET detection signature can be published, accordingly.
Please kindly support.
The PCAP is a private possession, so it will be shared via direct
email, off-list.

Look forward, with many thank's in advance.

Regards/Rick of MalwareMustDie


MalwareMustDie,NPO Research Group
Web http://malwaremustdie.org
Research blog: http://malwaremustdie.blogspot.com
Wiki & Code: http://code.google.com/p/malwaremustdie/
Report Pastes: http://pastebin.com/u/MalwareMustDie

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