[Emerging-Sigs] Revision history on 2022775 - "ET TROJAN BLEXBot User-Agent"

Eric Urban eurban at umn.edu
Thu Oct 10 05:33:36 HDT 2019

We are using the Suricata 4.0 rules and recently we noticed that 2022775 -
"ET TROJAN BLEXBot User-Agent" was re-categorized as a TROJAN.  It used to
be in the USER_AGENT category.

The docs site entry at https://doc.emergingthreats.net/bin/view/Main/2022775
for this rule still lists it as USER_AGENTS so appears to be out-of-date.
Is it unusual for this to fall behind from the released version?  I have
not seen this before so wanted to ask for information on how this site is

Also, the rev is still at a 2 on this rule and the metadata for the updated
date has not changed.  Do category changes not typically get a new revision
or was this overlooked?

Thank you,

Eric Urban
University Information Security | Office of Information Technology |
University of Minnesota | umn.edu
eurban at umn.edu
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