[Emerging-Sigs] CVE-2020-1938 Sigs

Brandon Murphy bmurphy at emergingthreats.net
Mon Feb 24 11:45:06 HST 2020

Hey Travis!  Sorry, I missed these for today's update, but I will get
them in for QA tomorrow!

Thanks you for your continued contributions!


On 02/24/20 12:59, Travis Green via Emerging-sigs wrote:
> Hey all, I was investigating CVE-2020-1938, an LFI vuln in Apache
> Tomcat AJP, and created a couple of rules for the reported PoC
> scripts. Rules are attached.
> More info @ https://zh-cn.tenable.com/blog/cve-2020-1938-ghostcat-apache-tomcat-ajp-file-readinclusion-vulnerability-cnvd-2020-10487
> -Travis
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