[Emerging-updates] ET Feedback Tool

Francis Trudeau ftrudeau at emergingthreats.net
Tue Feb 20 15:11:22 HST 2018

Proofpoint is pleased to announce the release of the Emerging Threats
Feedback Tool.

As part of our continuing efforts to provide the market leading ETPro and
ETOpen IDS Rulesets, we are introducing a new tool to enable the network
security community to more easily submit feedback directly to our threat
research and signature writing team. This new tool will provide the ability
for you to submit feedback for a number of different improvement scenarios,
while also ensuring that our signature research team receives the
actionable information necessary to review and address your concern.

While we strive to perform extensive qualification for every signature that
we release (both for ETPro and ETOpen), the ever changing threat and
application landscape can lead to scenarios where further optimization may
be required. Rather than simply disabling a signature deemed to be
problematic, we request that you take a moment to provide us feedback so
that we can either make adjustments to the signature, or to update the
classification/metadata tags for the signature so that the community can
all benefit.

The feedback tool is available for any ETPro or ETOpen user at no cost. You
may submit suggestions anonymously (webUI only), or provide contact
information if you would like to receive a follow up. The Feedback Tool
also provides an API which enables advanced users to submit feedback
through automated mechanisms.

We currently support feedback on the following issue types: False Positive,
False N, Performance, Compilation, Description, New Signature, and Other.

To access the Feedback Tool web interface please visit:

For instructions on registration and usage for the Feedback Tool API please
visit: https://feedback.emergingthreats.net/help

For all other support issues, please feel free to contact us at
support at emergingthreats.net

Thank you,

The Proofpoint Emerging Threats Team
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