[Emerging-updates] [Reminder]: ET Rule / Replist Download Server Migration Notification

Brad Woodberg bwoodberg at proofpoint.com
Wed Jul 8 12:20:50 HDT 2020

Dear ETPro and ET Intelligence Community,

As part of our ongoing work to improve our infrastructure, we will be migrating our Rule Download infrastructure for ETOpen, ETPro and ET Intelligence Replist to a more robust, globally distributed implementation.  For most users, no action will be required to take advantage of these improvements.

What’s Changing?:

  *   We will be migrating the Download Servers (rules.emergingthreats.net and rules.emergingthreatspro.com) from a hosted implementation to a globally distributed implementation.
  *   The IP Addresses of the download servers will be migrating to AWS IP’s: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/aws-ip-ranges.html<https://urldefense.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__docs.aws.amazon.com_general_latest_gr_aws-2Dip-2Dranges.html&d=DwMGaQ&c=Vxt5e0Osvvt2gflwSlsJ5DmPGcPvTRKLJyp031rXjhg&r=rOVyB9ixExmyqAgEyDnrUtIQ2jlUiP4p_9Yb9cbBi4A&m=wWZ_VLMQirMUK_Qd-kCv9drjn4EBDFdzp-GmeTphne8&s=YcCN84MYuoJtGWlPDQvDbVC9jy5MxrItJlcXMK3wSHA&e=>

When are the changes taking place?

  *   Announcement: 6/9/2020
  *   Initial Cutover: 7/9/2020
     *   We will be migrating the traffic with a increasing % every day between 7/9/2020-7/22/2020
  *   Completion: 7/23/2020
     *   Old rule servers will be retired and no longer accessible.

What’s Remaining the Same?

  *   The URL’s, directory structure, file format, and authorization codes will all be identical to what you use today.  The service is just being migrated, but the underlying infrastructure will be accessed in the exact same fashion.

What do I need to do?

  *   For most users, nothing at all will be required.  The only users who would have to take any action would be those who have hardcoded DNS resolution or Firewall rules to only allow downloads to the existing IP addresses.  If you haven’t hardcoded the DNS resolution or Firewall rules to IP addresses, then you should not need to take any action.
  *   If you have hardcoded any access, then you will need to update your records to be able to contact the AWS ranges by 7/9/2020.

Are any other Proofpoint or ET Products affected?

  *   No, only ETOpen, ETPro, and ET Intel Reputation List, nothing else is affected

Where can I go for questions or support?

  *   You can reach out to the ET support team at support at emergingthreats.net<mailto:support at emergingthreats.net>

Brad Woodberg

Group Product Manager – Emerging Threats, Security Tools, TAP Campaigns

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